TOPWhat to bring


Clothes vary according to the season when you participate in rafting.

You wear wet suit and long sleeves jacket.

After wear the wet suit, you can wear short pants. You look like a rafting guide.
If you don’t want to show your body shape by wearing only wet suit, you can put short pants on to cover your body line.

Long or short sleeve shirts and long or short pants to swim.
If you worry about sunburn,
please prepare long shirt and spats.
We recommend fiber drying fast.

Shoes or sandal to swim that stays on your feet.

(Crocs style, slippers style are not suitable)
※Shoes rental \300 each

Sun protection

Band for glasses if you need to wear glasses

※Rental \100

Goggle if you are wearing contact lens

※Rental \100

Plastic bag for wet stuff.

Tip !!!!!!!!!

・Shoes ¥300
・Short pants ¥300
・Spats ¥300
・Gloves ¥200
・Band for glasses ¥100
・Goggle ¥100

It covers shoulder to ankle.
This 3mm thickness fabric will keep you warm in cold weather.
It also has a wide open with a zip in the front so very easy to put it on and take it off.

It covers your upper body.
Must need item for cold weather!

It protects rain and winds, and will keep you warm in such a weather.
And can be used for UV protection purpose.

This shoes is very soft and made to fit your feet.
Also keeps your feet warm.
※Shoes rental \300 each

Rental \300

Rental \300

*Only for woman
Rental \300

Rental \200

This is light and strong.
Will protect your head during rafting.

This life jacket is specially made for rafting.
It has really good buoyancy and made to fit your body really good so it won’t come off if you swim.

This is the tool to go on the trip.
This T shape grip makes you easier to hold on to the paddle.