For us KILA-KILA, our customer’s safety is the most important thing.
Here we’d like to show you what we do for our safety.

KILA-KILA our guides

1.All of our guides hold Japan rafting association license.
  About Japan rafting association (Japanese only)

2.All of our guides also has to pass our company’s test.
  Our test is based on NZRA’s (New Zealand Rivers Association) test and basic.
  There is a guide who hold this NZRA4/5 license with us KILA-KILA.

3.All of our guides hold MFA (Medic First Aid), Japan red cross first aid,
  or Japanese fire fighter rescue first aid license.

4.Some of our guide took the course of the list below.
  [ SRT ]
  Swift water rescue technician course.
  3 main companies that has this course are private organization that bases in USA.
  They work for emergency rescue activities and 60000 people from 15 countries
  takes this course to learn about safety and rescue.
  SRT is one of the best training system you can take to learn how to avoid danger,
  how to rescue, learn about hydraulics and river structure.

  [ TRR ]
  Technical rope rescue, technician course.
  This is a course for techniques for rope rescues.
  We learn how to use the rope to rescue in many situations. We also learn
  how to use the other gears and objects safe and right way for this rescue needs.

  [High class training of NZRA ]
  One of the most famous rafting countries, New Zealand. This high class river rescue training
  is organized by New Zealand River Association (NZRA)

For our customer safety

1.Wear the safety gear.

  For your own safety please wear the gears below.

    ・Helmet:To protect your head.
    ・Life jacket:It will make you float on the water.
           It is made to fit your body so it will not come off if you swim in the river.
    ・Wetsuit:It will protect you from getting scratched and dropping body temperature.
          We only use them if you prefer to use, as water of Hozu river is high
          enough during the summer.
    ・Shoes:To protect your feet.
          It need to be securely fits on your feet and should not be come off during the tour.
          Rental for \300

  We also have some more gears depends on the weather conditions and temperature.

>Click here for details about belongings

2.Safety briefing
  We always give you safety briefing before the tour.
  You must listen carefully and understand so you can have safe and fun day.