How many people per boat?

Most of our boats takes 7 passengers and a guide.
If your grope is less than 7 people or more you will share the boat with the others.

It is my first time.

Beginners welcome!
Most of our guests are first timer. Do not worry KILA-KILA’s experienced and licensed guide is always with you!
We always give you a safety briefing and little trial before the tour.

Is rafting dangerous?

Like most of the other outdoor sports there is always risks. But we will make it as safe as possible for you. We have safety gears to protect you. Helmet, life jacket, and wetsuit etc,,,
We always give you safety briefing and quick trial before the tour.
Our guides are all experienced and silenced. We train our guide regularly to keep our customer safe.
Click here for our safety.

What if I fall off from boat?

We try not to make you fall off the boat. But if that happens you will be wearing life jacket and helmet so you won’t drawn.
We also teach what to do in such a case before the tour so you will be fine.

I can not swim. Will I be OK?

Everyone must wear the life jacket that is made for this activity. It has high buoyancy and fits your body to make you float on the river.

Is there a toilet?

We have toilet at our base. But there is no toilet on river.

I wear glasses (or contact lenses) and I don’t want to lose it.

You can wear them during the tour and they normally stays on. But if you want to we have band for glasses or goggle for your contact lenses.(\100 each)

What to bring?

Basically all you need is just swimsuit, T-shirt and towel.
Rest of gears we can rent it to you.

What if it rains??

We normally operate the tour. With more rain it’ll be more water that means more thrill and excitement!
But if there is weather warnings or water level of river is too high, we will cancel the tour.
In this case we will give you full refund.

How do we know if the tour canceled?

If the tour is canceled we will contact to grope leader.
Please read the information below.
●How we contact you if the tour gets canceled
(1) If we decide to cancel the tour the day before.
Final decision at 18:00 the day before → We will contact right away. 

(2) If we can not decide the day before.
If we can not decide the day before, we will contact to you on the tour day before you leave.

I am disabled can I go rafting?

Please contact us first and we will see if you can tour.

How old do I have to be to come on the tour?

Our minimum age is 8.
Age between 8-12 must be with an adult. Age between 13-17 needs permission from guardian.

Can I shower after the tour?

We are very sorry that we do not have shower facility, but we can show you Onsen (Hot springs) and public bath near by.

How long do we spend on the river?

Kyoto Hozu river half day rafting takes about 2 hours and it’s about 5km.

Do we have to book the tour?

Yes! We accept new booking until 18:00 day before the tour.
During the high season there is a possibility the tour is already full.
We’d recommend you to book early.
Call us on 0771-20-1116 or book online